KidStuff Books are here!!!


The valuable, family-friendly KidStuff Coupon Books were sent home with your child(ren) on October 1st.  KidStuff Coupon Books are only sold through schools and our school earns 50% or more profit on each book we sell – last year Link earned over $3,000!  This money has enriched our school and students through monthly cultural arts programs, technology purchases, and many great family events.  Use just a few coupons and what you save will easily pay for the $25 cost of the book.  Some coupons included in the book are Macy’s, ShopRite, Modell’s, Stop&Shop, DeCicco, The Children’s Place, Burlington, AC Moore, Lego, Boston Market, TGIFridays – that’s just to name a few!

Please look through the book(s) and information we have sent home and if you are not interested, just send the book back to school with your child.  If you keep the book, you will need to pay $25.  We encourage you to ask friends and family if they would like to purchase a book too (they also make great gifts if you want to start holiday shopping early!)  If you sell 5 books – your family earns one FREE book worth $25.00!  Sell 10 books and you’ll get 2 free books!

Payment is due by October 17, 2012.   Please make checks payable to Link PTA. If you have any questions, please contact Suzanne Winchester.  KidStuff does not promote door-to-door sales by children.

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