Cultural Arts Programs


Our Cultural Arts Programs, sponsored by the Link PTA, are an integral part of the student experience at Link.  To familiarize yourself about these programs (especially when your children come home talking about them), return to this page throughout the year.  It will be updated with details of the programs.




Link PTA 2018 Cultural Arts Programs


September 14

Brain Wash Game Show (K-5)

Brain Wash Game Show combines school curriculum with pop culture trivia to create a one-of-a-kind, multimedia game show. Students compete on their grade level in 5-7 minutes rounds. The last 5 minutes is saved for a teacher round (kids freak out on this!). Everyone in the audience plays along like you would while watching game shows on TV. This exposes students in other grades to material they have learned, just learned, or will learn in the future.


September 25

Welcome to Kindergarten with Jumpin’ Jamie! (K)

Jumpin’ Jamie performs original “kindie rock” in a live interactive music show. He’s played all over the US, in venues large & small, as well as tv shows!


October 3

STEAM Museum (K-5)

We’re bringing a science museum to Link! Mobile Ed Productions sets up a state-of-the-art children’s museum with hands-on learning aimed at STEAM (sicence, technology, engineering, art, & math) for all ages. Multiple stations include building an arch, using a 3D printer, and programing a robot!


November 7

Chiku Awali African Dance and Drumming (K-2)

Performance of African dances and drumming pieces found in West and East Africa. Students will participate in interactive dance movement and hands-on jembe drumming.


November 16

Everybody Drums! Path to Rhythm (3-5)

Focused 45-minute workshops using authentic African hand drums called Djembes.


November 21

Chrismahanukwanzamadon (K-5)

A kick-off to the winter season with a multicultural assembly that introduces students to a wide range of winter holidays celebrated all over the world, featuring traditional music, customs, and historical figures.


December 4

Author Visit: Peter Lourie (4 )

Mr. Lourie is a author of several books for young readers that focus on adventure, exploration, and the environment. He brings along some fantastic artifacts and stories from his amazing travels!


December 7

Author Visit: Alyssa Capucilli (K-2)

Author of popular children’s books including the Biscuit series, Katy Duck, and My First…