PTA Meeting Minutes

Date: October 3, 2017


Welcome and Introduction

Tiffany and Joy welcoming the group to the first PTA meeting of the year. They are excited to be here for the next two years. Open to ideas, concerns, etc. that anyone may have.

Teacher’s Report

Update from Mrs. Clancy (K-2):
Kindergarten had their field trip to Davey’s Farm.
1st grade – Writer’s workshop underway, learning about community workers.
2nd grade – Writing about how we express ourselves, addition / subtraction through 20, writing narratives in Writer’s workshop.
Update from Mrs. Poggi (3-5):
3rd – learning about how to close read. Jumped into multiplication concepts in math. Learning about continents and oceans, cultures around the world.
4th – Learning about Internal vs. External traits, place value unit, Map of New York project, Natural resources.
5th – Just finished place value, addition and subtraction decimals, PYP unit – reduce, reuse, recycle. Repurposing paper towel rolls. Appreciate all who donated. Studying constitution, St Jude’s Math-a-thon coming up – grade wide assembly. Launch will be on 10/13 will run for two wks. Last year we raised over 20k. Began DARE with Officer Mullins. Send back T-shirt breakfast forms – now past due. Pics for yearbook due on 12/15.
Update from Library – Birthday book club flyers will go home this month. Online safety discussion for grades 3-5.
Nurse – Please send in updated physical / dental forms, review good handwashing skills with your child. Cough or sneeze into elbow or use tissue.

Principal’s Report

Mrs. Cuccia welcomed everyone back. All of the work done already is incredible. All of your time spent is greatly appreciated.
5th grade committee – great committee to get involved with. We should all go to their events even if you do not have a 5th grader (you will soon enough). We are only school in community who doesn’t ask parents for upfront donation for activities from 5th grade parents.
EarthBEAT is coming up, through cultural arts program.
STAR testing has been going on. Should finish next week. This is a screener which gives us a data point for the children. It is administered on the computer and provides immediate results which gives teachers an indication of skills sets. Parents are entitled to these scores. If parent requests, teacher will send the report home.

Staff development through teacher’s college. Modeled in the classroom, not losing teacher time. Ongoing.

PYP – engaged in a self-study this year – being critical of our own teaching – re-looking at curriculum. Spending staff development days on this.

Evaluation team coming in February for two days as to whether we will be reauthorized as IB school.

Here for us at PTA meetings – ask any questions here or let her know in advance what you want her to talk about.


Fundraising: Kim Ventimiglia and Jenny Javer

o School supply kits – Kim – nightmare experience – issue with the vendor and worked really hard for few weeks to sort everything out. Thank you to everyone (parents and teachers) for your understanding and patience. We do not plan to use them again next year.
o Welcome Back BBQ – Jenny – i9 came to entertain the kids – which was fantastic…and free of charge. Showed off all the Spiritwear, orders due tomorrow. 510 people at the BBQ. 49 families. Great turnout.
o Catalog sale – Miss Chocolate, Fall Catalog sale. Reach out to friends and family to see if they want to order. Can order online. Product delivery set for 11/9. Will set up distribution window for order pickups. Email Jenny or Kim with questions. Reminder to put ALL contact information on the forms.
o Kid’s Boutique – Kids will come in during school day and buy presents for their family. During the day for kids to purchase. Prices range from 25 cents to $11. Large variety. We will pick items to have for sale.
o Holiday Boutique – Friday evening family night. Vendors who will sign up before to reserve a table. Parents / members of community are welcome to sign up. Will determine how much to charge for a table.
o i9 Sports – scheduled to start Thursday – large amount of people signed up for K-2, not much for 3-5. K-2 is a go on Thursdays.
o Hand sewing class – 17 kids signed up. Started this week.
o Rocco’s – Thursdays in October – will give back 20% of what your total is.
o Talia’s Grill House – Link Family owns this restaurant. They reached out to us offering to give back to Link every month.

Cultural Arts, Dana Brown and Samantha Cerniglia

o September and October programs:
 Two programs for Sept. Mr Kurt came for Kindergarten. Instruments, bubbles, great feedback from teachers.
 Steve Max – Simon Says – K-5 assembly – used Simon Says as learning technique – listening = respect. Played in several different languages and incorporated PYP traits into the program.
 This month – EarthBEAT, next week. Volunteers from Keep Rockland Beautiful run a 2 day program, geared towards age levels. Need parent volunteers for this. Recycling, Water Systems, Life Cycles. Oct 11th and 12th.
 Also looking into Suez Water free program for schools to do different types of water programs.

Treasurer’s Report, Laurie Parness

o Budget – needs to be approved for this year. (see attached)
o Kim V made the motion to approve and Jill seconded the motion, 20 approved

Programming Report, Denise Cudden

o Chairs needed
Kid’s boutique – needs chairs/co-chairs

Membership Report, Maria Joy

No update yet. Collecting memberships…off to a good start. Many memberships gotten early on.

Committee Updates

o 5th Grade Report, Jill Bennetta, Samantha Cerniglia and Carmen Bouton:
 Samm: Halloween Spooktacular is coming up on Oct 27. Trunk or Treat / car decorations. Sign up for trunk or treat – only 12 cars allowed. 5th grade committee supplies the candy.
 Carmen – T-shirt Breakfast – forms due yesterday, design is ready, all set for Nov 9th – will offer Gluten Free bagels as option also.
 Jill – Link a Roni – Nov 17th – asking for donations of one box of ziti from 5th graders only. Bingo to follow dinner. Fun, family night open to entire school. Gluten free option available at Link-a-roni….email Denise if GF.
 Cultural Trip –To see Charlie and Chocolate Factory in NYC on March 7th. Last year did a successful lunch in cafeteria before the show, goal is to do that again since it went so well last year.

o Spirit Wear
Joanne Pitkin is the chair, Joy is reporting – everyone should have received the Spiritwear flyer. No magnets this year…have to correct the logo before we can offer.

Dates to Remember:

October 11th & 12th – Earth BEAT- during school hours
October 16th – BNL School Pictures- during school hours
October 27th – PTA Halloween Bash 5th Grade Event 6:30-8:00 PM
November 9th – T-Shirt Breakfast 5th Grade Event
November 17th – Link-a-Roni 5th Grade Event
November 28th – PTA Meeting 7:00 PM
November 28th, 29th, and 30th – PTA Book Fair- during school hours